Samurai Armor Mask

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Defy your opponents with this samurai armor mask worn by the warriors of feudal Japan

Between the 1100 and 1800s, the war class was very closed, governed by a moral code (the bushido) and led by a general named “Shogun”. The samurais, fighters of the time, wore a Japanese mask like this.

Ideal for two reasons, the samurai half mask allowed them to hide their identity to take their enemies by surprise. Second more of advancing masked: the devil oni represented on this mempo mask frightened the opponents.

The samurais outfit thus consisted of an armor made of several pieces while trying to maintain the greatest possible mobility and a mask covering the lower part of the face.

Handmade by our craftsman, the realization of this war mask respects tradition and craftsmanship for a more authentic effect than ever.

oni mask japan

💯 If you're looking for a costume or cosplay costume to go to a themed party, opt for this mask worthy of the greatest warriors of the Japanese archipelago .

💯 Worn by the Japanese for a long time, the mask has entered the dress codes. So you can quite wear it with a current streetwear and Japanese outfit for a mix of amazing styles!

💯 If you like this model and want to have it in another color, take a look at our grey half mask : it represents the same design in a more sober colour.

💯 With a wide and adjustable elastic sewn from end to end, you can wear your samurai warrior mask in the utmost comfort.

💯 Fabric mask, festival accessory, costume piece... Find all our models in our Japanese mask coming from the law of Asian folklore !

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