Men's Modern Kimono

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This modern kimono for men can be worn on many occasions: discover which one right away!

Historically, the kimono clothing was worn by nobles and samurai warriors during the Edo period. It can be found today in all types of formal ceremonies: weddings, graduations, tea ceremonies...

However, you can choose to wear it in a more casual context such as a dinner with family, a disguised evening with friends or just at home because it is a very comfortable outfit .

The patterns printed on the fabric are Japanese buses , widely used in Kyoto for example. They are equally recommended for a short ride and for a longer trip. If you go there, this may be useful to you: think about climbing from the back and not from the front.

Go ahead, it's time to wear your superb kimono !


Here are some fashion recommendations so that you can be comfortable in your kimono:

  • 💯 Thanks to its one size, we guarantee you a wearing of the kimono to your size if you measure between 1m60 and 1m85 and weighs less than 110 kg
  • 💯 To accessorize your samurai style , we advise you to have a foldable fan (sensu) that you can store in your obi belt
  • 💯 If you prefer your kimono to represent geometric patterns, we recommend the wagara kimono . It is a sober model that perfectly illustrates Japanese culture

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