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This Shinto god tattoo will protect you from evil spirits, it will envelop you in peace and well-being

The Ainu tribes were the first to use Japanese tattoos . Then they were taken over by the members of the Yakuza clan. A gang of criminals known in the land of the rising sun. 400 years ago, these mobbers were tattooed on their foreheads to be identified for their crimes.

Japanese tattooing is typical in that it uses a unique process. Unlike the needle and ink used for most current tattoos, the Irezumi tattoo is a bamboo tattoo. It is particularly painful, especially when large parts of the body are tattooed.

Japanese culture is very spiritual and religious (Shinto). In Japanese folklore, we find the Kami deities. They are mythical creatures inspired by nature and animals. Shinto tattoos symbolize protection.

Choose one or more temporary tattoos before you permanently mark your skin. You will be able to change your mind if the chosen pattern doesn't exactly match what you're looking for.

  • Dimensions: 48 x 35 cm
  • Tattoo style: Japanese Shinto god
  • Hypoallergenic: medical glue of natural origin

Here is a special temporary tattoo tutorial to apply and wear this Shinto god on your back:

🇯🇵 First of all, choose an area where your skin is smooth and hairless. It will allow a better grip of the Japanese tattoo . Then clean and dry your skin well with a terry towel.

🇯🇵 Then cut out the contours of the drawing leaving a margin of one cm. Slowly peel off the plastic film and apply the drawn side of the Japanese tattoo to your skin. Moisten it using a sponge that has been rinsed and then wrung out (not soaked).

🇯🇵 Let the Shinto god tattoo soak in your skin for 2 minutes before peeling it off gently and gently. Keep moistening it while you remove it to prevent it from drying out. Then sit relatively still for 10 minutes until it is completely dry.

🇯🇵 You can find all of our Asian tattoos in our Japanese tattoo collection. We wish you a good shopping and a good tattoo session!

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