Sukajan Hannya

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Join the Bosozoku biker gang with your beautiful sukajan Hannya jacket

If we had to define the style Bosozoku in two words, it would be: dark and rowdy. This gang of revolting students on motorcycles were present in the 50s, wearing dark Japanese clothes with patterns representing kanjis or demons. We also find this inspiration in many manga like Akira.

This jacket represents the woman-demon Hannya. She is often confused with a classic oni. The story goes that she came back to Earth for revenge. Will you dare to face this woman consumed by hatred, desire and love?

You're still wondering what makes this jacket unique? It's double-sided. So you can have two versions of the same jacket and multiple outfits without ever getting tired of it.


  • 💯 The embroidery threads are carefully selected for a shiny and resistant finish
  • 💯 If you like strong symbols, we advise you to have a look at our black sukajan dargon: this mythic animal symbolizes power and is respected as much as it is honored in Japan
  • 💯 We advise you not to wear your bomber jacket in rainy weather
  • 💯 For a trendy and casual streetwear look, we suggest you wear slim jeans, a hoodie and an oversized t-shirt. For a Sukajan Japanese biker look, swap your sneakers for a pair of leather boots

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