Sukajan Jacket Dragon

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Dress up in your best Bosozoku biker outfit with this sukajan jacket dragon

Bosozoku translates into two words: boso means reckless driving or crazy running and zoku translates to clan. Bo also means bandit. This gang of rebel bikers wears a uniform called tokko fuku (assault gear). It is a distinctive sign that allows them to recognize each other.

On the back of this biker jacket, we recognize the Japanese dragon. A true embodiment of strength and power, this animal is ambivalent: it is a harbinger of both good and bad omens.

Like the dragon, this jacket has two identities. It is reversible, which makes it a unique and practical garment. You will be able to match it with all your outfits and colors!


  • 💯 The prints on this double-sided jacket are carefully embroidered for a perfect and durable finish
  • 💯 If you prefer biker pattern, we recommend you to have a look at our sukajan japan fighter jacket which refers to the delicate cherry blossoms from the land of the rising sun
  • 💯 We advise you not to wear your short jacket in rainy weather
  • 💯 For the empowering look of a bosozoku biker, you can wear a hachimaki (a Japanese headband), round sunglasses, a surgical mask and earrings with your sukajan bomber

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