Buddha Temporary Tattoo

Buddha Temporary Tattoo

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The temporary Buddha tattoo is imbued with all the cultural richness of the land of the rising sun and Japanese Zen Buddhism

Know that the Buddhist religion and the Shinto religion are closely linked. Bosatsu (enlightened beings) are notably considered today as kami (Japanese deity) .

It is necessary to ask yourself several times in order to make a permanent Japanese tattoo of such a size. That's why a Japanese temporary tattoo is ideal if you like the Irezumi tattoo style. This is the art of traditional tattooing in the land of the rising sun. The style is inspired by Japanese tales and legends.

With this large temporary Japanese tattoo, you won't feel the pain of a bamboo or needle tattoo. It is also the guarantee of a unique and authentic style!

  • Size: 48 x 34 cm
  • Japanese Pattern Tattoo: Buddha Statue
  • Hypoallergenic: natural medical glue


  1. We advise you to first clean your skin well before sticking the tattoo. We recommend sticking the tattoo on smooth, hairless skin for better grip. Your skin must be completely dry before applying the tattoo
  2. Start by cutting the tattoo by taking a little margin (about 1cm)
  3. Remove plastic wrap
  4. Place your tattoo on the front side and apply it on your skin
  5. Then moisten your temporary tattoo with a sponge. The sponge should be damp and not completely soaked
  6. Wait 1 minute and then gently remove the paper part. We recommend starting from one of the corners of the Japanese tattoo. Keep dabbing your skin with your damp sponge.

In order to ensure an optimal final result, it is very important to stay as still as possible for about 10 minutes. Avoid sudden movements, and do not stretch your skin while the tattoo is firmly fixed!

Then don't hesitate to share the photo on Instagram or your networks with the tag #shogunjapon !

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