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The Japanese dragon tattoo symbolizes power in the land of the rising sun. Will you have enough wisdom to master it?

Few people know this, but there are no less than 6 different Japanese dragons in Japanese culture. The color of dragons also has meaning. For example, gold-colored Japanese dragons are virtuous, and black dragons symbolize experience and wisdom.

In order to choose your tattoo well (especially if it is a permanent tattoo), it is important to know all the symbolism of the traditional Irezumi and the meaning of the Irezumi Japanese tattoo.

In Japanese legends, the god Susanoo descended to earth to defeat the yokai Yamata No Orochi (demon of Japanese folklore). It is a gigantic snake and dragon monster with eight heads. It is only thanks to cunning that the Kami Susanoo was able to defeat the beast!

If you want a temporary tattoo dragons, know that this tattoo will allow you to project yourself well before taking the big step with a permanent tattoo!

  • Dimensions: 48 x 34 cm
  • Tattoo Style: Japanese Dragon
  • Hypoallergenic: medical glue of natural origin


  1. We recommend that you first clean your skin thoroughly before sticking the tattoo. We recommend sticking the tattoo on smooth, hairless skin for better grip. Your skin must be completely dry before applying the tattoo
  2. Start by cutting out the temporary tattoo by taking a little margin (about 1cm)
  3. Remove the plastic film
  4. Place your tattoo on the front side and apply it to your skin
  5. Then moisten your tattoo with a sponge. The sponge should be damp and not completely soaked
  6. Wait 1 minute and then gently remove the paper part. We recommend that you start from one of the corners of the Japanese tattoo. Keep dabbing your skin with your damp sponge
  7. In order to ensure an optimal final result, it is very important to remain as still as possible for about 10 minutes. Avoid sudden movements, and don't stretch your skin until the tattoo is fixed!

Between two and four days

🇺🇸: Ten to twenty business days
🌐: Fourteen to twenty five business days

You have 14 days to return your item. Please contact us first via the contact form or by email: contact@kimurakami.com. The after-sales service will tell you the return process.

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