Lion Warrior Tempor

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This temporary tattoo depicts a lion and a warrior: two symbols of courage in the land of the rising sun

The first Japanese tattoos appeared centuries ago in the Ainu tribes. Widely used in Japanese culture and inspired by Japanese folklore, these body drawings are also associated with the mafias of the archipelago.

In the past, Japanese tattoos were used to mark the Yakuza and leave an indelible trace of their unsavory actions. During the Edo era, they were tattooed on their foreheads to be identified more easily. These punishments were abolished in 1872.

The Japanese lion, also called Komainu, is the “king of beasts”. These temple guardians are placed at the entrance of shrines to protect them. Komainu tattoos can also be represented with two heads to symbolize Yin and Yang.

Before getting a tattoo on your back or any other part of the body, we recommend that you try the temporary tattoo so that you can adjust the pattern, size or shape if necessary.

  • Dimensions: 48 x 35 cm
  • Tattoo style: Japanese lion
  • Hypoallergenic: medical glue of natural origin


Here are our tutorial tips for applying temporary Japanese tattoos :

🇯🇵 Before applying the Japanese tattoo , we recommend that you choose a smooth and hairless body part to increase the adhesion of the design to your skin. Think about cleaning it thoroughly and drying it well with a clean terry towel.

🇯🇵 Then cut out the Japanese tattoo and leave 1 cm of margin. Remove the protective film, place the paper in the chosen place and use a wet, wrung out sponge to moisten it.

🇯🇵 Wait 2 minutes before you gently remove the lion tattoo . For the next 10 minutes, make as few movements as possible and avoid sudden gestures. Otherwise, you could distort the design.

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