Demon Japanese Mask Red

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The Red Japanese Demon Mask is an indispensable accessory for all fans of manga and Japanese legends!

Will you dare wear this horror mask worthy of the most terrible yokai and oni of the land of the rising sun?


For centuries the demons Oni have come up on earth to corrupt the hearts of men and commit unspeakable and strange atrocities. This mask is the perfect representation of a evil Oni demon.

Demonic smile, sharp teeth and predominant horns. The red color of the skin of this creature symbolizes savagery and hatred...

oni mask japan

Some tips for wearing this red demon mask :

πŸ’― We recommend wearing this horrific monster mask if you like costumes and cosplay costumes. Promotes red colors to make a color reminder with the rest of your costume. Wear a red sweater or hooded jacket to make your entourage shiver!

πŸ’― It is also a great choice to dress up for a Halloween party to scare your loved ones, friends or children. It's a fantastic vision of horror that you will provoke with this scary mask...

πŸ’― You can also use it as a Japanese decoration by hanging it on a wall in your apartment or house. The demon will keep away other evil spirits like Yurei ghosts and the demonic deceased...

πŸ’― You can use the mask for a part of airsoft because it is made of durable fiberglass !

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