Tiger Haori

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Honor the celestial guardian by wearing this tiger haori from Japan

Haori means "kimono jacket." It is the garment that Japanese people put on over their traditional kimono. This trendy garment is often colored with printed Japanese patterns.

The pattern on this japanese kimono jacket depicts a white Japanese kami tiger. This animal is one of the guardians of the sky. It is one of the four protectors. The tiger is associated with the cardinal point of the west. 


  • 💯 This Nipponese garment is inspired by both Japanese tradition and the modern, streetwear style of Tokyo's colorful neighborhood. Historically worn over an authentic kimono, it has now become highly democratized
  • 💯 For a streetstyle worthy of Harajuku, we advise you wear your haori jacket with loose jeans, accessory jewelry, and a cap with a yellow reminder
  • 💯 To discover all our products, go to the collection haori: our designers are teeming with ideas to offer you more and more varied designs

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