Traditional Japanese Kimono Female

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This long and flowery kimono for women reflects the power of the sun represented by a red circle on the Japanese flag.

As an homage the archipelago of Japan, you can wear this traditional kimono for a party or a costumes evening. For an effect worthy of the greatest geishas, we advise you to complete your outfit with make-up, lipstick and eyeliner!

The kimono of the Edo period was reserved for tea ceremonies and was inspired by Zen Buddhism. This custom consisted in drinking tea (its service was very ritualized) in a small committee in a calm atmosphere.

The kimono was reserved for the tea ceremonies and was inspired by Zen Buddhism. Graduation, passage to adulthood, marriage, funerals, these are all events during which it is almost unavoidable to see young Japanese women dressed in this Japanese authentic clothing.

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Here are some of our fashion tips for you to perfectly wear your traditional Japanese clothing :

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  • 💯 Dont forget to always follow the Japanese geisha dress code for your Japanese kimono dress. You need to to fold the left side to the right when you close your robe. The opposite direction is for dead people during shinto ceremony

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