Traditional Japanese Princess Kimono
Traditional Japanese Princess Kimono
Traditional Japanese Princess Kimono

Traditional Japanese Princess Kimono

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This long white kimono for women aptly shows the love that Japanese people have for nature

Kimonos are often decorated with patterns inspired by nature: trees, flowers or streams. Each pattern is hand-painted on the fabric of these traditional clothes of Japanese inspiration . The patience and meticulousness that this requires partly explains why these clothes are expensive and precious.

The way the kimono is worn answers to a strict code and must imperatively follow 7 ordered steps. Firstly, you must put on socks with split toes (tabi) and put on the traditional underwear (the nagajuban).

Next, the back seam should be centered on the spine. Then, take the right side of the kimono and bring it to the left. Pass the left side over it to the right side. Roll up the hem to reveal the ankles. Tie the koshi-himo belt and finally, roll up the datejime scarf before the final step: put on the obi belt

Small tip: you can find obi belts whose knot is already made !

Here are some fashion tips to help you wear your traditional kimono proudly and correctly:

Traditional Japanese Princess Kimono

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