Traditional Kimono Dress Japanese
Traditional Kimono Dress Japanese
Traditional Kimono Dress Japanese
Traditional Kimono Dress Japanese

Traditional Kimono Dress Japanese

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This Hinata Kimono will give you a Japanese style worthy of the most famous geisha of the Edo era!

We wear with pride, style, delicacy and love, this splendid Japanese kimono. This dress is one of the most emblematic icons of the country of the rising sun! It has inspired many artists, painters, films and manga. It is THE official outfit of the geisha women.

The T-shape makes it a traditional Japanese dress of predilection to attend a wedding or tea ceremony for example. The sakura patterns on the fabric are associated with Japanese cherry blossoms.

Nature and especially cherry trees have a special value within the Shinto religion and for the Japanese society. They symbolize ephemeral beauty!

If you would like to wear it and follow Japanese dress codes of the Edo era, here are some Tips.

    how to put on the Japanese woman kimono?

    How to wear the Japanese women's kimono?

    💯 For women measuring between 1m 55 and 1m 65, we recommend choosing size S! For those measuring more than 1m 65, size M will be the most suitable!

    💯 You can also refer to our sizing guide to help you find the right size

    💯 This geisha garment is worn by folding the left side to the right side. The reverse is entirely reserved for the deceased. So be careful not to make a mistake

    💯 To finalize your outfit you can add accessories like the model on the pictures wearing a folding fan and Kanzashi hair jewelry. If you wish more inspiration, discover our full Japanese kimono dress. You can also add a pair of sandals and Japanese socks to finalize you style

    💯 If you enjoy asian culture and mythology, opt for this japanese long kimono with its phoenix patterns


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