Japan Girl Uniform

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If you want to change your style and show off your love for Japanese culture, put on this Japan Girl uniform

The very first school sailor uniform for girls debuted in Heian Jogakuin in 1920. This women's school outfit was designed with inspiration from the uniforms of sailors from the United Kingdom.

This Japanese outfit consists of a white top with long sleeves and a navy blue pleated skirt. The ribbed cuffs are also navy blue with a white stripe.

  • Package: one uniform top, one ribbon, one pleated skirt
  • Material: 80% cotton, 20% polyester
  • Fit: straight
  • FREE: a pair of high-top Japanese socks

If you want to be unique and stylish with this Japanese uniform, follow the recommendations below...

Japan Girl Uniform

🇯🇵 To be authentic with a Japanese outfit, personalize your school uniform . You can add pins on your top for example...

🇯🇵 If the length of the skirt of your Japanese outfit does not suit you, the trick is to roll it up at the hip...

🇯🇵 To be more modern and trendy, put on authentic socks (with stripes, furs,...) with your new Japanese school uniform...

🇯🇵 Choose other colors or styles, and take a look at our complete collection of Japanese uniforms that offers a wide selection of Sailor Fuku.

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