Geta Geisha

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Adopts the look of a maiko, geisha apprentices having these Japanese geta on their feet

Also known as Okobo Geta , these Japanese sandals models were inspired by those worn by geisha apprentices under their silk kimono. These models do not have “Ha” (Teeth) like other geta models.

They consist of a huge wooden base, painted in white and thick patterned fabric straps. These wooden shoes are perfect for a traditional Japanese look .

They are worn with a Japanese women's kimono , a yukata, a haori jacket or a hanten coat. They are elegant and allow a good posture. They are high enough to preserve the bottom of clothing.

A few tricks to have a traditional geisha look of maiko...

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💯 To choose the right size, keep in mind that the heels should always exceed 1cm from the soles to ensure they are actually in height.

💯 Use the straps to adjust the wooden sandals to the size of your feet so you can put on them easier.

💯 To have a style effect, do not hesitate to match the color of the hanao (straps) with the Obi belt of the kimono.

💯 A complete collection of Japanese Geta is available on our shop. You will probably find the most suitable pair for your maiko outfit .

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