White Kimono Japanese

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This Japanese style women's kimono combines elegance and tradition: two fundamental aspects in Japan

This kimono for woman with Japanese style is filled with wagara patterns. These are Japanese inspired prints which are very popular. The traditional kimono was once worn by geishas. They learned, very early, the codes of presentation and service. At that time, being a geisha was the only way to get a decent education.

Kimono means clothing in Japanese. It is easy to understand why it is the reference garment in the land of the rising sun. Reserved for ceremonies (wedding, graduation, passage to adulthood ...), this traditional Japanese dress has become simpler over the years. Silk, satin and gold thread have given way to cotton, polyester and elastane. These are equally comfortable materials with the advantage of being affordable as well!


Here are some fashion tips for you to perfectly wear your traditional kimono for women :

  • For an outfit worthy of the most beautiful geishas, we recommend you wear white tabi socks, wooden geta sandals and matching obi belt. You can also add accessories like a Japanese fan or a kanzashi combi: they will complement your look perfectly. If you wish a colorful kimono, check this Japanese kimono fabric
  • In order to wear this garment for geishas correctly, a number of steps and codes must be followed. One of them, and not the least important of them, is to always fold the left side to the right side. Strangely enough, the reverse is reserved for dead people. Good to know
  • Have a look to our Japanee kimono dress collection for more color choices  and patterns

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