Women's Night Kimono Black

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Fall in love with this piece of jewellery: a nighttime kimono for women that is sexy, elegant and comfortable to wear

The women's night kimono is inspired by traditional Japanese clothing. It has 3/4 length wide sleeves for great freedom of movement. It closes by superimposing one piece of fabric on top of the other. Finally, the belt allows you to tie the night kimono on the side.

This sexy black kimono is embellished with red floral patterns. In the land of the rising sun, flowers are very present. The Hanami Festival is held every year in the spring. It brings together many visitors and celebrates the beauty of the archipelago's flowers. The latter symbolize the sweetness, the kindness and the ephemeral nature of life.

Made from quality polyester fibers, the material of the night kimono is soft, light and fluid. Its texture is similar to that of satin. Available in one size, the cut of the garment is ideal because it adapts to all silhouettes and all body types... And if you tried it?

  • Material : superior polyester fibers
  • Style : Japanese flowers
  • Size : one
  • size


Here are our suggestions for wearing this Japanese nightwear :

🇯🇵 Opt for this pretty kimono nightie after a day of hard work. You will have well deserved a pampering break. To take full advantage of it, we advise you to create a relaxed atmosphere by lighting a candle for example.

🇯🇵 Get inspired by Japanese tradition. The inhabitants of the archipelago like to relax in the hot springs. These baths with thermal properties are ideal for a moment of relaxation. Swap the onsen bath for a hot shower or bubble bath. You can then wrap yourself up in this pleasant nighttime kimono .

🇯🇵 If you want to take a look at our models of sexy kimonos and pyjama kimonos, we advise you to go to the collection women's night kimono . Our team has selected, with the greatest care and especially for you, the cream of the crop when it comes to nightwear.

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