Japanese Cactus Socks

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Bet on these women's tabi socks and spice up all your outfits

The Japanese have been wearing tabi socks since the 15th century. These are the ultimate accessories of a traditional outfit: the kimono. The advantage of these socks is the separation in the area of the big toe. It allows maximum comfort with geta (or zori) sandals.

The prints on these split-toe socks represent cacti. This pattern could not be more trendy. In the West, green symbolizes hope but in Japan, it refers to nature that is very present in culture. The archipelago has a verdant flora. Its flowers are also celebrated during the Hanami festival.

All you have to do is try them out to adopt them!

  • Material : high elasticity cotton
  • Style : cactus
  • Size : 35 to 41
tabi-tuto socks

Follow our recommendations for wearing these cactus socks:

🇯🇵 Our first advice is not to mismatch your socks because it's a bad gender in Japan. Japanese people wear these socks when they organize or go to a tea ceremony. In general, on this occasion, they choose them white.

🇯🇵 Adapt the style of your Japanese tabi socks to your look. Choose white socks for formal events. Prefer colored socks with a streetwear outfit. And match them with a pair of geta sandals if you're wearing a cosplay costume.

🇯🇵 Our 3 reasons for choosing Japanese socks? First, they absorb sweat. Secondly, they are breathable thanks to their cotton material. And finally, they have an anti-friction function.

🇯🇵 If you are curious about other models of separate toe socks, we advise you to take a look at our collection Japanese socks. You will also find inspiration for your Christmas or birthday gifts.

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