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The Wooden Geta is a flat geta zori. It is worn in a casual way

The geta sandal is an iconic accessory of Japanese culture . The geta or zori wooden sandal has been worn by geisha and samurai for centuries.

We advise you to wear them with a Japanese tabi sock for Japanese style geisha or samurai perfect...

  • Size : from 35 to 40 (depending on stock available)
  • The height of the heel is 2 - 3 cm. In the Edo era, the geta was traditionally high to prevent the Kimono from ladding on the ground
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  • A non-slip rubber coating has been added to the sole to prevent bad slips
  • The “dai” : body of sandals is made of wood
  • The “hanao” : the strap that allows you to wear the “geta” is made of thick fabrics for even more comfort. The design is homogeneous or floral for an authentic Japanese style


💯 Wear barefoot during the matsuri (Japanese festivals). They are perfect for complementing a beach outfit.

💯 To adjust the wooden sandal on your foot, we advise you to pull the Hanao (strap). You can also loosen them for more comfortable use.

💯 Choose a pattern model adapted to the rest of your traditional outfit: Japanese trousers, kimono dress , hanten, haori jacket...

💯 Take the time to browse our collection of Japanese Geta sandals to find the perfect model to accompany your Harajuku look or your Japanese geisha clothes...

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