Japanese Kimono Red

Japanese Kimono Red

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This traditional Japanese kimono for women is ideal for immersing yourself in the authentic Japanese world.

This red flowery kimono use the Japanese flag colors. It will wake your dress sense up! Its patterns show geishas wearing a Japanese umbrella so that they may preserve their porcelain complexion. We can also find all types of Wagara symbols of Japanese inspiration on it: flowers, geometric Japanese patterns...

Kimono means clothing: it is the iconic outfit of the land of the rising sun. Formerly worn during tea ceremonies, it is now worn for many official events such as the passage of teenage girls to adulthood, graduations, weddings, funerals...

If you want a geisha style, this antique kimono will plunge you into the heart of the Edo era and the charms of the country of the rising sun. This traditional garment will bring the Japanese touch that your wardrobe...

how is the women's kimono

Here are our fashion recommendations to wear your kimono the way traditional Japanese geishas do:

  • 💯 For a more discreet outfit, opt for the Japanese Traditional Costume Kimono! These delicate colors will add a touch of authenticity to your geishas outfit
  • 💯 To have a style comparable to authentic geishas with your Japanese kimono dress, we advise you to wear your kimono with these accessories: the nagajuban (sub-kimono), sensu or ichuwa fan, furisode (small bag), kitsune mask, kanzashi comb and Japanese umbrella!

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