Japanese Curtains

Noren (Japanese curtains) are installed at Izakaya bar doors entrance (Japanese pubs) and ramen restaurants. A Noren is useful to separate two rooms. It is rectangular in shape with a slit in the middle. They indicate the name and logo of the owner. It is a sign of respect and professionalism!

Today they are used to create a partition in a room, to conceal an entrance, used as curtains, installed in front of closets, used as beautiful and original Japanese paintings... Japanese Noren completes a Japanese home with Daruma dolls, Maneki Neko and Omamori style decor...

Japanese style home decor

Choose a wide choice of wabi sabi noren, kawaii style or inspired by Japanese popular culture manga and anime...

To perfect the Japanese home decor of your room, we also advise you to add Japanese decorations such as a Daruma, omamori talisman or even a lucky cat Maneki Neko. It's a great way to recreate a Wabi Sabi universe in your living room, bedroom or office...

Japanese Noren are Sustainables

All our Japanese Noren without being bulky and heavy feature are very durable over time! Do not hesitate to consult the reviews of the Shogun Japan website to get an idea of the quality of your Japanese curtain!

Why you shoul buy it on our Kimurakami store?

Buying online is sometimes tricky and it's perfectly normal, that's why all purchases are safe! Know that this type of Japanese partition is practical to create privacy between two rooms while keeping an open space!

All our noren are made of cotton and linen. The cut of the fabric is thick to provide a style that is both curved and supple. All in a guarantee of quality!