Jinbei clothing

Jinbei: between light kimono and Japanese pajamas

Jinbei is called hippari. It is traditional Japanese dress that is worn by women as well as men (and even children)... Traditional Jibei consists of a short-sleeved jacket (three-quarter sleeve jacket), and short pants (or shorts).

The jinbei is historically an outfit worn by the samurai. The traditional men's Jinbei is in a sober color with checks or stripes. The Jinbei for women is more colorful with Japanese motifs like sakura flowers. If you are looking for more Japanese traditional clothing, you can also have a look to the Japanense apron, also named Maekake. This suit is worn for cooking session.

Why wear a Jinbei?

The Jinbei kimono is a pleasant Japanese summer outfit to wear. The flowing style of the ensemble gives an impression of lightness and comfort. You'll feel like you're in your pajamas even if you're outside... The cut is deliberately loose at the shoulders for even more comfort... This outfit has the particularity of being suitable for all silhouettes...

When should you wear a Jinbei kimono for men?

Japanese people wear the Jinbei to go for small errands or to pick up their mail. This traditional Japanese outfit adds a touch of authenticity and style to your outfit. Wearing a Jinbei is less restrictive than a Yukata or a kimono but you still have to follow a little rule... To put on this dress in accordance with the Japanese dress code, the knot must be on the right.

If you are attending a festival, the Jinbei is ideal as an outfit to wear for a whole day. If you want to wear it in spring, we recommend adding a t-shirt under your jacket! We recommend that you complete your outfit with accessories, such as:

  • a pair of Geta sandals (wooden sandals)
  • a Sensu fan.

Jinbei is also worn as a nightwear. These Japanese pajamas perfectly combine the elegance and tradition of the country of the rising sun... It is a garment to have in your wardrobe whatever the time of year... If you are more interested by winter clothes, have a look to the sweat-shirt collection