Daruma Doll

As the famous maneki neko cat, Daruma doll is a lucky item from Japan. This Japanese decor object is the personification of the Zen Buddhism founding father: Bodhirama! This small Nipponese statuette is found in Buddhist temples, homes, and businesses. To respect the Japanese tradition, It is important to follow some rules for the Daruma to help you in everyday life...

What is the Japanese tradition of Daruma?

To protect your house and bring good luck to your home, you must:

  1. Define a goal to accomplish. You can choose to have good health, obtain wealth or pass an exam for example
  2. You will have one year to accomplish your goal
  3. Once you have determined your goal, you must color the left eye of your Daruma
  4. Place your Daruma figurine in a room where it will have an eye on you: your bedroom, your living room, in the office where you work, or at the entrance to your business
  5. The Daruma will constantly have an eye on you, the goal is to motivate you achieving your objectives
  6. Once your wish, wish, or goal is successful you must color the right eye!

We use this Japanese figurine as a deco item. We especially like to arrange it next to some Japanese prints or noren curtains. It's also a good gift idea to give to a Japanese enthusiast but in the Japanese archipelago, it is customary in the New Year to burn the Daruma. Then you have to choose a new one for the new year...