Jacket kimonos for women are a traditional fashionable garment in the land of the rising sun. The Japanese patterns are original and colorful.

Know that traditionally, a kimono jacket is called a haori. It's a traditional Japanese kimono jacket, lightweight garment that is worn over a kimono. During the Edo era, kimono jackets were worn by samurai and geisha.

Since the 2000s, this Japanese garment has been democratized under the influence of women's fashion and Japanese trends. This type of clothing is timeless and is still worn today as much in mid-season as in winter! 

You will find below our 3 tips to wear these women's jackets...

1. How to wear the women's kimono jacket?

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Our kimono jackets all have a straight cut so that they can fit all body types and shapes. We have made the choice of cotton, polyester, satin, viscose or synthetic fabrics. The sleeves are long or short depending on the model.

We recommend putting on the Japanese Haori with simple denim shorts and a t-shirt for a bohemian style. You can also wear this Japanese jacket with a small knit hoodie for a streetwear style.

If you want to push the authenticity of your wardrobe even further then opt for a traditional kimono for women! We also offer a large selection of Yukata. It's a longer kimono!

For a traditional geisha outfit, we recommend adding a pair of geta wooden sandals and Japanese tabi socks!

2. When to wear a women's kimomo jacket?


The kimono jacket is a great iconic Japanese outfit to have in your wardrobe. It's a great garment to go to the beach in the summer. You can wear it over a swimsuit or even wear it over a top if you're going to a festival! To have an authentic Japanese style, we advise you to wear a women's kimono jacket in a traditional way.

If you go to Tokyo, you absolutely must go to the Harajuku district. It is the center of Japanese fashion. Harajuku Girls perfectly mix traditional Japanese clothes with more classic western clothes. 

To attend a party, we advise you to wear a long and sober kimono with a pair of heels or pumps. The fluidity of the long jacket will highlight the length of your legs! Don't hesitate to wear a belt to mark your figure and adjust your waist! Slip on a nice pair of skinny jeans to show off your legs even more for a dressy and elegant outfit!

If you like; streetwear and sportswear, the haori jacket can also be worn for a casual look as the fit is loose, comfortable and casual. Wear your Japanese-style jacket with blue jeans or raw denim.

The women's haori kimono is also an ideal Japanese indoor garment that you can wear when you get out of the bath or shower. The softness of the fabric has made it famous in onsen (Japanese public baths) where the traditional Kimono yukata is worn as a kimono dress and a jacket!

3. How can you have a harajuku style?

Over the years the kimono and its use have evolved while remaining timeless. The important thing is that you can choose your style according to your tastes. 

At KimuraKami, we really like the flowery kimono jacket for women because the sakura flower symbolizes ephemeral beauty. You can also set your sights on an embroidered kimono jacket, flashy or inspired by Japanese irezumi tattoos. To perfect your style, add a kanzashi hair jewel...

As for the printed patterns and colors here are some explanations so that you can understand the meaning of your jacket women's kimono style. This will help you understand the depth of the antique meaning of your printed jacket:

  • Dragon kimono jacket: the Japanese pattern symbolizes wisdom and strength
  • Kawaii Kimono Jacket: the kawaii style is very popular in Japan, it is symbolized by bright colors and childlike style. Its main muse is the cat Hello Kitty
  • Sakura Kimono Jacket: the floral patterns printed on many jackets can be found here. As we have seen the sakura flower is a symbol of ephemeral beauty
  • Tsuru kimono jacket: the Japanese crane stands for peace and longevity
  • Koi Kimono Jacket: this Japanese fish is used within Japanese culture as a sign of strength and masculinity. But its delicate design also makes it famous among women's clothing
  • Manga Kimono Jacket: Japanese manga have an important place within Japanese culture. Some of our models are inspired by this fantastic Japanese universe

You now have in your possession all our best tips to wear your Japanese jacket for women whatever the period, the event or the pattern. So we wish you a great  shopping on our Japanese shop 🇯🇵

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