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This Japanese kimono is a black haori jacket. The man has his hands in his pockets and is also wearing a black t-shirt.This kimono is a Japanese haori jacket with Irezuni motifs on the collar.
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Kimono Haori

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A Japanese man is wearing a Tokyo Haori. Tsuru motifs are imprinted on the blue cotton fabric of the kimono jacket.A man stands wearing a Japanese Haori kimono jacket from Tokyo
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Haori Tokyo

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Demon maskDemon mask

Demon mask

A man stands from behind wearing a brightly coloured haori harajuku jacket.Wear a harajuku haori kimono for a unique Japanese look
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Haori Harajuku

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A black techwear haori jacket for dark Japanese streetwear styleThis techwear haori is black. It is a kimono jacket worn with a Japanese streetwear style.
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Haori Techwear

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A model is dressed in a Japanese Haori kimono for men with a black cotton haori jacket.This Japanese Haori kimono is a jacket with a demon motif.
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Japanese Haori Kimono

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Adorn a splendid Japanese decorative object like a Noren curtain (暖簾), an Ukiyo-e print (浮世絵) or Japanese lucky Maneki Neko or Daruma. A Japanese item is a great Japanese gift idea for a birthday for 🇯🇵

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Complete your traditional geisha or samurai outfit with a Japanese accessory: Japanese Sensu fan (扇子), a Kanzashi comb (簪), temporary Irezumi tattoos (入れ墨). Finish off your Japanese style with tabi socks (足袋) or Japanese folklore inspired jewelry 🇯🇵

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The Japanese culinary art has its own name: Washoku (和食)... Find in this collection ramen bowls, Kawaii cups, Japanese tea sets (matcha), the traditional Bento or even traditional Japanese chopsticks 🇯🇵

We are a passionate people sharing our love for Japanese culture. We offer a wide selection of clothing and accessories inspired by Japanese fashion, Harajuku style, Kawaii, or Streetwear style. Hoodies, Sukajan bombers, printed t-shirts, cargo pants, japanese Oni Mask, and traditional kitsune mask ... You can also wear a unique traditional samurai style with: a Japanese kimono, a Haori kimono jacket, a Yukata Kimono, Geta sandals, an Obi belt or a traditional Hanten coat etc....

Kimono vs Yukata

The kimono Yukata is lighter than the traditional Japanese kimono. Like the kimono, it is a kind of Japanese dress wrapped around the body. Small tips, you should always close a yukata (kimono, jinbei, haori or samue as well) with the left side above the right side. It's a Japanese dress code fo follow.

Yukata material is light and made of fine cotton or soft synthetic. Japanese people wore this summer kimono when they came out of the onsen (Japanese public baths). Indeed, people wear it when they are in ryokan...

It's easier to wear a Yukata vs Kimono. No need to wear tabi socks or to put on the nagajuban. Wear it with a simple pair of wooden geta or zori sandals.

This Japanese outfit is also worn during Matsuri festivals. Add a small haori jacket if the temperature drops.

The kimono jacket for men and women

The haori 羽織 is a Japanese kimono jacket worn over the kimono. This traditional Japanese jacket falls to the upper thigh. The collar is thinner than the kimono. It is a kind of short kimono which does not have Okumi (overlapping front panels). Haori jacket history goes back to the Edo period. Japanese samurai warriors wore it as an overcoat during the great wars. In the early 19th century, geisha women began to wear this traditional garment as a fashion accessory.

Today the haori kimono is very popular in Japanese pop culture. Wear it with modern and traditional styles. Occidental people wear it to go to the beach or over a t-shirt how a fluid and light garment...

Japanese kimono for women

The women's kimono is a traditional Japanese clothing worn for Japanese weddings, Shinto ceremonies, and for the Seijin Shiki (women's coming-of-age ceremonies).

Kimono for women is known for its T shape. Whatever your morphology is, you can wear it. During the feudal Japan and during the cold winter time, the inhabitants of the land of the rising sun wore several layers

Straight cut kimonos were suitable for all weather: they could be worn in layers to be warm in winter, and kimonos made of breathable fabrics like linen were comfortable in summer. These advantages allowed the kimono to become a part of everyday Japanese life.

A men's Japanese kimono will have a plain color while a women's Japanese kimono will have a bright color with traditional printed or embroidered patterns. If you want to get a kimono, be aware that wearing a kimono is very codified. Remember to wear an Obi belt, Tabi socks, a nagajuban and add a Sensu fan.

If you want to wear a casual kimono, we recommend you to choose a yukata.

Summer Kimono

Jinbei : the indoor kimono

The jinbei kimono is a two-piece garment with pants and a top. It is a Japanese outfit for men and women. These kimonos are worn casually. In the streets of Tokyo or Kyoto, you can see them worn during festivals.

It is also a nice Japanese outfit to go shopping or to wear at home. If you are a woman, we also advise you to have a look at a kimono night dress.

Samue : long sleeve jinbei

Samue is a traditional Japanese garment originally worn by Zen monks. The term Samue (作務衣) means: a working garment in Japanese. However, it is worn as a classic everyday outfit. Samui (also called Samugi), consists of pants and a long-sleeved jacket. You do not need a traditional Obi belt to close the samue. The fabric is nice to wear in order to stay comfortable all day long...

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