Japanese Pants

Japanese pants are a great casual alternative to jeans, chinos, and classic and formal pants... It also goes well with a bomber jacket Sukajan for an urban style, only with wooden sandals for a traditional look. We invite you to discover our collection of men's and women's clothing inspired by Japanese streetwear, Harajuku fashion district, Tokyo and traditional Japanese clothes. We will explain in this mini-guide how, when, and with what to wear these modern and traditional Japanese clothes.

Know that you have a wide choice of style, you will find your happiness and your future style among our jogging pants, cargo pants, harem pants, etc... Our quantities are limited but we do everything we can to get you the best of Japanese fashion-inspired clothes. This collection ideally blends the traditional style and cuts of Japanese cargo pants, with modern and classic fabric materials such as cotton, polyester, and techwear materials... Before revealing our best tips for a unique style, discover the history of their cut...

Why are Japanese pants wide?

Traditional clothes of Japanese construction workers were called nikka-pokka. These are wide Japanese pants worn for men and women for their loose fit at the crotch. This kind of Japanese baggy allows them to comfortably extend their legs as they climb on buildings. Some workers think that these pants make their work safer. Loose pants tend to cling to objects, so when the workers are at height they think it's safer to be able to cling to anything in the event of a fall.

Different Kinds of Japanese pants

KimuraKami offers you singular cuts to perfect your wardrobe and your Japanese dressing room... For an authentic style, we recommend the cargo pants

  • The Japanese joggings is tightened at the ankle
  • Loose pants will give you an oversized style characteristic of some Harajuku urban styles
  • The cropped pants are ideal for a casual Japanese look
  • Nikkapoko came back forcefully in fashion. These workers pants look like harem pants with a flared leg fit
  • The Japanese harem is comfortable and comfortable pants to wear to be comfortable at home or on the beach.

Our tips on how to wear your traditional Japanese pants?

Accessorize your Japanese outfit

If you wear it like any other pants, you won't draw on the strength and originality of this outfit. Do not hesitate to choose colors marked for a flashy style. If you want a more Wabi-Sabi style then we recommend black or neutral pants ... If you choose cargo pants with printed or embroidered patterns, we recommend that you complete your outfit with sober clothes such as a white T-shirt or classic sneakers.

Have a bosozoku look

Bosozoku members are a biker gang renowned for having dangerous and fast driving through the streets of Tokyo. In particular, they inspired Akira manga. To have a Japanese biker look, wear Japanese trousers with a sukajan bomber jacket. Embroidered or printed patterns on the back of the jacket will validate your clan membership

Have a casual Japanese

Our Japanese harem pants are ideal to be comfortable at home, with friends or for a “laid” evening. In this case, wear it with sneakers and a wide Japanese sweater ...

Have a Japanese style Harajuku

Japanese fashion is greatly influenced by trends in the Harajuku neighborhood, if you want to see you, you can wear a Japanese T-shirt just as flashy as your pants. In Kawaii culture, one of the fundamental principles is the mixing of colors. So do not hesitate to put on brown cargo pants for example with a hoodie with a purple, light blue or khaki green hoodie.

Have a traditional Japanese style

To immerse yourself in the world of samurai, geisha and shinobi ninja, we recommend wearing a Japanese Haori jacket with your pants. To finalize your outfit, you can add a pair of Japanese sandals, and Tabi socks.

Meaning of Japanese pattern

Know that Japanese symbols all have a special meaning. For example, the dragon symbolizes wisdom while Koi carp corresponds to masculinity and courage. For more information we advise you to read our article on the meaning of Japanese motifs... Know that for centuries the Japanese wore essentially kimono . It was only during the great era of Japanese industrial modernization (Meiji era) that the Japanese discovered Western clothing such as shirts, pants, moccasins etc...

It is still fun to see that today in terms of fashion, the Japanese are at the forefront of innovation in the choice of design, cut and inventiveness. Fashion in Japan will continue to influence the world. So If you want to take part to the fashion Japanese revolution, you should start wearing pants from our Japanese online shop !