Discover the Hanten, a short, elegant winter coat favoured by both men and women in traditional Japan. This traditional Japanese jacket dates back to the 18th century (Edo period). It is a garment worn by all Japanese, evoking timeless elegance and absolute comfort. Derived from traditional kimonos, the Hanten is made to bring warmth and style, especially in winter. It's the perfect embodiment of Japanese refinement combined with practicality.

Unique features of the Japanese Hanten

The cut of a men's or women's hanten is inspired by the noragi or kimono haori jacket. But the Hanten has its own design. Wrapped in a generous layer of cotton fleece, it offers unrivalled comfort and warmth. The elegant collar, often in black satin, adds a touch of refinement. Some Hanten coats are embroidered with a kamon (a Japanese heraldic insignia).

The Japanese coat: a wardrobe essential

Over the years, the way you put on a Hanten kimono has evolved. It is no longer just a traditional garment for the home. With the growing influence of Japanese streetwear, it's finding its way onto the shoulders of men and women looking for fashion that's both trendy and meaningful. If you're a fan of the streetwear style, blending the modern with the traditional, the Hanten will win you over.

Comfort of the Hanten Kimono

When the temperature drops, what could be better than wrapping yourself in a quilted Hanten? Soft, warm and absolutely kawaii, this Japanese garment is the perfect alternative to ordinary pyjamas. Adopt the traditional Japanese look while remaining modern and trendy.

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