Japanese Bento Box

Bento is a traditional Japanese meal. This individual meal of Japanese cuisine is presented in the traditional form of wooden Tupperware separated by compartments. It is an excellent way to separate different types of food during lunch.

Use chopsticks if you want eat like Japanese people do...

Our Bento Box collection is something for everyone. Choose from numerous lunchboxes...

We are becoming more and more demanding with what we put on our plates. Our eating habits can have a pretty big impact on our health. Unfortunately we don't always have a choice in what we eat.

In the canteen, the cafeteria or in a fast food restaurant, the meal does not necessarily correspond to our taste or our diet. So the solution is often to take our home-cooked meal to work or elsewhere. That's one of the reasons why you might need a bento box.

Good dishes in a bento box

First, the most undeniable advantage of the bento box is that it allows you to take your lunch everywhere with you. Whether you are going to a picnic, to work, or to school, the bento box keeps your food in an easily transportable format that fits in a backpack, handbag etc...

Your bento box allows you to adopt the healthy lifestyle that you have decided to adopt. In particular, by following a certain diet. The box will contain all your vegetarian meals, 100% organic or diabetic meals. The limited space invites us to consume small amounts of food to avoid eating more than we need.

Taking lunch with you would also reduce your spending on food and save up to €3,000. The bento box can be placed and taken virtually anywhere: at work or at a picnic, in the car or in a bag or any type of packaging. This ease of transport is one of the big advantages of the Bento box .

The bento box is also an ecological solution , preferable to disposable packaging. It is therefore perfect for all those who, in addition to their health or their wallet, are concerned about the ever-increasing pollution of our societies.

Choose a Japanese Bento Box!

For you, our collection has a wide range of bento boxes adapted to all your needs. Discover the classic bento boxes, made of lacquered wood . You will also find ceramic boxes that are very popular with collectors. You can also find bento boxes made of synthetic resin. Some boxes are made of plastic (polystyrene) or hard aluminum. Also discover stainless steel boxes. Insulated, they are ideal for keeping food warm. It also offers plastic boxes that can be put in the microwave. All cans can be closed tightly.

The bento box is also a very trendy item. We have very decorated boxes decorated with original designs. A bento box allows you to differentiate between several.

Several choices of size or capacity are also available. You have small sizes for your small snacks. And bigger sizes to hold fuller meals. A very common problem with traditional lunchboxes is that a little fuss is enough to ruin their content. The bento boxes that we offer in our collection are hermetically compartmentalized or have removable dividers so that food never mixes.

We also offer customizable boxes with detachable compartments. The compartments, containing different dishes, make it possible to present the meal in a very colorful way. There are even bento meal contests on social networks. A bento box can therefore be the way for you to express your creativity.

Sustainable Bento lunch box

The bento box is a recyclable and sustainable item that will serve you for a long time. You will get used to eating only food that is prepared at home and well presented. You can enhance your bento box thanks to numerous bento recipes that you will easily find on the internet.

So don't wait any longer! Order your bento box quickly and eat your meals like you've never done before. Don't spend a fortune anymore on fast food and unhealthy meals. Eat what you prepare and what you want.