Obi Belt

The Japanese Obi belt is essential to close a traditional kimono.

Obi belts are worn by martial arts practitioners to keep the kimono in place. But they are also used as a fashion accessory on dresses, long shirts and kimonos for men and women.

How to choose the pattern or color of the Obi belt?

To have a trendy style and fashion worthy of the most famous geisha or samurai warriors, we advise you first to choose a Japanese pattern that reminds you of color with the hanao (strap) of your Japanese Geta sandals (wooden sandals).

Or, if you want to mix a streetwear style with a traditional look... Please be aware that in the streets of Tokyo's Harajuku district, it is common to see styles mix. Irezumi patterns like Oni demons, dragons and Japanese gods mix with fabrics and symbols traditional and ancient kimono.

Depending on the event (official or not), we recommend that you give free rein to your imagination or to wear a formal Japanese outfit respecting codes and Japanese classicism!

Now let's see how to tie your Japanese belt...

How to tie the Obi belt?

Here are our different tips, tutorial and fashion tips to tie your belt...

1. Japanese double knot

For a casual look, you can make a simple double knot at the waist level... I'm just cross the ends of the belt in front of you and pull one end up through the buckle. Then pull the ends to tighten the knot well. Repeat this process to create a double node. This Japanese knot is a great option if you want to keep your outfit all day long, as it doesn't get off easily.

2. Japanese bow with buckle

Wear a buckle knot to draw attention to your obi belt. Place the center of the belt flat against the middle of your back and hold the ends in front of you. Cross the ends and pulls one of it through the loop you just created.

The first node being made. Cross the ends and pulls the center point on one side of the belt through the created space. Strong tightens to have a nice loop. Be careful, do not pull the end of the loop, as this would create a double knot.

3. Japanese thin belt

Wrap the belt twice around you, then tie it to get a thicker look. Place the middle of the belt at the level of your back and wrap it around your tiller until it arrives in front of you. Then wrap the ends around your waist a second time until they meet at the navel. Finish this Japanese look with a simple bow. This is a great option if you have a thin obi belt and want to put it on the top.

4. Obi Japanese Kimono Women's Belt

Tie the bow at the back for a typical neat Japanese look (as Japanese geisha do).

Place the center of the obi at the level of your back, then wrap the ends around your waist until they cross again in your back. Then make a double knot or loop knot to hold it in place. This is a great technique to use if you are wearing a wide obi belt with a traditional Japanese kimono for women.

5. Women's Obi Kimono Belt

For a relaxed look, simply rotate the waistband so that the knot is arranged at the hip level. It's a good option if you wish to give a more casual touch to your look. We recommend wearing this bow with a long dress.