Kitsune Mask

This collection of Japanese fox masks features the Kitsune deity in Shinto folklore. The Kitsune mask has an elegant, mystical appearance and a unique cultural significance in Japanese mythology. The Kitsune fox is the messenger of the harvest goddess: the Japanese goddess Inari. The Kitsune fox is a creature with fantastic magical powers...

What does the kitsune mask symbolize?

In Japanese culture, the fox has a dual role: it can be a symbol of wisdom, fertility, and prosperity, but it's also a cunning and deceitful spirit Yokai). Kitsune fox masks reflect this duality, representing both the positive and negative aspects of these mysterious animals.

Kitsune masks come in a variety of colors, each with its own meaning. White symbolizes purity and wisdom, while red embodies energy and vitality. The black kitsune mask represents deception and the negative aspects of the fox.

Is it okay to wear a kitsune mask?

Japanese fox masks are used in celebrations to honor the spirits, as well as to bring good fortune and prosperity. The fox god or demon is so popular within Japanese culture that the myth surrounding it has inspired numerous Japanese manga and anime. In these books and animated series, the characters hide their identities behind it.

Naruto Shippuden comes to mind. In this manga, the hero Uzumaki Naruto wishes to become Hokage. Although he is possessed by Kyubi, the nine-tailed fox demon. In this way, shinobi (Japanese ninja) clans can recognize each other by their mask. Konoha ninjas elite wear an Anbu mask, a white fox mask with colored paint.

In the Demon Slayer cartoon, apprentice demon-slayers wear a Japanese Kitsune mask as part of their rite of passage. Each Demon Slayer Kitsune mask in our collection is fitted with an LED to glow in the dark. A guaranteed hit with a cosplay costume, Halloween costume, or fancy dress party.

What are the 13 types of kitsune?

In Japanese folklore, Kitsune are categorized into thirteen distinct types, each with unique abilities and attributes. These types include:

  1. Tengoku - Celestial foxes associated with heavenly forces.
  2. Kukan - Masters of illusion, blurring lines between reality and fantasy.
  3. Kaze - Wind foxes, controlling breezes and gales.
  4. Seishin - Spirit foxes, associated with mystical and spiritual realms.
  5. Chikyu - Earth foxes, guardians of nature and growth.
  6. Kasai - Fire foxes, wielding flames and heat.
  7. Kawa - River foxes, influencing water bodies and rain.
  8. Yama - Mountain foxes, embodying strength and endurance.
  9. Jikan - Time foxes, manipulating the flow of time.
  10. Ongaku - Music foxes, creating harmonious sounds.
  11. Shizen - Natural foxes, protectors of wildlife.
  12. Yurei - Ghost foxes, linked to the supernatural.
  13. Uchu - Space foxes, connected to cosmic energies.

Where to wear a Japanese fox mask?

The kitsune is worshipped every year during a Matsuri festival called: Kitsune No Yomeiri (狐の嫁入り which translates into Japanese as “the marriage of the fox”). Japanese legend has it that every year these ancestral spirits use their powers of metamorphosis to disguise themselves as humans.

The Japanese fox mask is often used at festivals and Shinto ceremonies. It is worn by participants to celebrate Japanese culture and traditions. Kitsune masks are also used as offerings in temples dedicated to Inari. Kitsune masks are also used in Japanese theatrical arts, such as Noh and Kabuki. It is used to represent fox characters, often linked to stories of metamorphosis and deception.

Most of our masks are inspired by these Japanese carnival masks. They are hand-painted and the symbols are inspired by traditional Japanese motifs (dragonfly, butterfly, sakura flower). Buy a mask from our online store or directly from the street vendors at a Matsuri festival.

How to wear a Kitsune mask?

Choosing the right Kitsune mask can be a difficult decision, as each design is unique and has a special meaning. To help you choose, we recommend you consider the style of outfit you'll be wearing with the mask, as well as the event or celebration you'll be wearing it for.

For example, if you're visiting Tokyo, head for the Harajuku district. Manga fans, otaku and cosplay enthusiasts compete with each other by wearing incredible outfits. Wear an anbu mask for Japanese streetwear or techwear. Opt for oversized black clothing. Wearing an ninja mask will add a mysterious touch to your photo...

For a geisha look, opt for a kimono or yukata. Add a black or white Japanese fox half-mask as an accessory, to match the symbols of your traditional Japanese outfit. Each mask is adjustable, whatever your style...