The culture of the Japanese mask is very present in the land of the rising sun. The first Japanese mask comes from Traditional Noh theatre! Today, Japanese masks are used in festivals as well as in traditional arts or even J-pop.

You can also add a Japanese masuku mask (face mouth mask) if you want to mix a streetwear style with a Japanese kawaii style!

Among the most famous Japanese masks of Japanese folklore, we can mention :
- The Hannya mask, the Avenger Japanese demon
- The Tengu mask, the yokai with the long nose
- And the fox mask, popular during summer festival and Shinto ceremonies 

The kitsune masks of our collection are ideal if you want an accessory for a cosplay costume, for Halloween or just for a fancy dress party. We also like to make them decorative Japanese objects. This traditional Japanese kitsune mask object will create a Japanese atmosphere in your home!

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