Japanese Prints

Discover our collection of Japanese print. Decorate your home with a contemporary, traditional or modern Japanese poster. Japanese paintings offer a unique window on Japan's rich cultural and artistic heritage. Wall art print objects that embodies the essence of Japanese aesthetics, history and philosophy.

Japanese prints for unique home decoration

These deco paintings are distinguished by their diverse representation of Japanese cultural elements. Unlike traditional Japanese prints, whose colors and motifs were limited, reproductions on canvas or poster present a wide range of styles and themes. From zen-like depictions of nature, such as the iconic “Japanese sakura painting” (cherry blossom), to dynamic scenes of historical figures such as samurai and geisha, these art reproductions illustrate the many facets of Japanese culture.

Contemporary Japanese paintings combine traditional motifs with modern canvas printing techniques. Create unique pieces with a Japanese style that combines modernity and tradition. From soothing “Japanese nature paintings” to more vibrant, abstract works, these paintings offer a modern twist on traditional Japanese art.

Choosing the perfect Japanese poster for your wall decoration

How can you embellish your home decor with a unique Japanese style? To choose the right decorative painting for your home, consider the atmosphere and style you want to create. Whether you prefer a Zen tranquility or a modern, minimalist aesthetic, there are several types of ambience to create with a decorative canvas. Hang the type of decorative canvas that suits you according to these three styles:

  • Ukiyo-e canvas: The Ukiyo-e style, famous for its wooden prints, captured the urban life and natural landscapes of Japan. Our canvas reproductions are inspired by works by Hokusai, such as the Great Wave of Kanagawa.
  • Nihonga painting: this is a traditional Japanese style of painting that uses natural pigments to create vividly colored works on canvas.
  • Modern techniques: contemporary artists continue to experiment with new mediums and techniques, enriching the tradition.

Diversity of themes and motifs: with themes ranging from the “Japanese wave painting” (waves) illustrating the power of nature to the “Japanese landscape painting” (landscape) presenting serene landscapes, these works of art offer a variety of options to suit different tastes and interior designs.

Tips for embellishing your home decor with a Japanese painting

Ideal placement and lighting: to display a traditional Japanese painting effectively, consider the lighting and wall space in your room. Natural light can enhance the colors and details of decorative paintings. While the right frame (wood frame, modern metal frame) complements both the artwork and the decor of your room.

Create a focal point: a well-placed printed canvas serves as the perfect focal point in a room. Design canvas draws attention with its minimalist simplicity. So place it on its own in a space where it's close to deco objects such as a Japanese lamp, Japanese cushions, a Daruma or Maneki Neko statuette, curtains or any type of Japanese decoration.

Frequently asked questions

  • How do I choose the right size for a Japanese picture in my room?
    Take wall space and room size into account. A larger picture can serve as a centerpiece in a spacious room, while smaller pictures are ideal for more intimate spaces.
  • Can Japanese paintings be integrated into any decorating style?
    Absolutely. Whether your interior is modern, traditional or eclectic, there's a Japanese painting that can enhance your space.
  • Are these works of art suitable for offices and commercial spaces?
    Yes, Japanese paintings can add a touch of elegance and cultural depth to offices and commercial spaces, creating a serene and welcoming atmosphere.