Japanese Lantern

Traditional Japanese paper lantern, was only use for functionality during Edo period. However, the Japanese Chochin is now an excellent choice for decorative objects. Combine it with Ukiyo-e prints for Japanese home decor style...

A zen and traditional atmosphere at home thanks to our Japanese lanterns

Some lamps like the ball lamp are nice interior decorations. Hung from the ceiling or in your garden, they create an atmosphere of pure Japanese tradition. The red Japanese lamp is an ideal choice for outdoor ornaments. It is very common in the cities of Japan in front of the sake shops and establishments. But it can also be arranged in several rooms of the house. Their subdued light creates a zen and relaxed atmosphere.

 Lanterns made according to pure Japanese chochin tradition

Made of intertwined mulberry fibers, the washi paper (or rice paper) used to make these lamps is strong while remaining soft and thin enough to diffuse light. It is supported by a wooden, bamboo or metal frame. The light that passes through can come from a candle or, more traditionally, a cotton wick with rapeseed or sardine oil as fuel. An opening makes it possible to change the spark plug or the fuel when it is exhausted.

Several choices of lanterns for several tastes and uses

You have the choice between several types of lanterns of various shapes and uses.

  • Andon type lamps appeared during the Edo period.
  • The oki-andon has a box shape. It is portable but can also be hung on walls. 
  • Another variety is Enshu Andon, which has a more cylindrical shape.
  • The Ariake Andon can be used as a bedside lamp or table lamp.
  • The Bonbori lamp, a bit similar to the Andon, has a more widened shape at the top, even oval. It can be suspended, during festivals, from a cable or a pole.
  • Chochin is probably one of the most popular Japanese lamps. Its bamboo frame that is reminiscent of an accordion because of its spiral shape makes it easily foldable and allows it to be stored flat in small spaces.

Chochin is usually hung on the facades, hung by a small hook on top. There are plastic chochins used by the Japanese in large gatherings.

Japanese decoration? Japanese lantern!

If you're looking to decorate your home in Japanese style, look for one of our Japanese lanterns. They are economical, they are beautiful, they can be placed everywhere in the house. In the living room, the kitchen, the bedroom or the garden they fit everywhere and create a zen and relaxed Japanese atmosphere.

You can arrange them to welcome ceremonies and guests in a zen and relaxed atmosphere. Think about it for your wedding decor. The soft light of these lamps will then be perfect for a successful Japanese decor. If you are looking for originality, think about aligning the lamps in a daisy chain...