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How to be Kawaii: embrace the Japanese Culture of Cuteness

How to be a kawaii girl? Unearth the secrets of Kawaii fashion, makeup, and lifestyle. Eager to reveal a whole new adorable you? Click now to start your Kawaii transformation!"

The Different Types of Manga

Find the complete guide of the main types of Japanese manga! Manga Shonen, Manga Seinen, Manga Shojo, Manga Josei, Manga Yuri Manga Yaoi 🇯🇵

Kimono for Men : Different types of Outfits

Discover the rich tradition and elegance of Japanese kimono for men in our comprehensive guide. Learn about the numerous benefits of these timeless garment...

What is a Kitsune?

Kitsune god is an emblematic creature of Japanese folklore. It’s a magical animal particularly popular in Japan. This polymorphous Japanese fox has several tails. It's a yokai spirit from Japanese mythology whose origin dates back to the 9th century.

Jorogumo: Japanese spider demon

Who is Jorogumo in Japanese mythology? Why are men afraid of this demon? How to escape his hypnotic power

Halloween in Japan

How is Halloween in Japan? How do Japanese people dress up for the dead festival? What are the differences between Halloween in Japan and the rest of the world?

Japanese Bomber: Sukajan Jacket or Souvenir Jacket

The Japanese bomber is a jacket that transcends the ages and the fashion world. Ryan Gosling wears one in the movie Drive for example. The Sukajan jacket is a symbol 🇯🇵

The Tale of Princess Kaguya

Discover the Japanese tale of Kaguya-Hime, a Japanese baby found in a bamboo stem. This Japanese myth inspires many mangaka and animated movies including Naruto 🇯🇵

TOP 7 Japanese accessories

Do you want to give or to offer yourself a typical Japanese object? Here is a selection of Japanese accessories to give you good gift ideas! 🇯🇵

Japanese Zen garden

From their creation to their miniaturization, discover the history of Japanese Zen gardens. This Japanese art, very codified, is the heritage of an ancestral culture full of symbolism where the smallest stone has a meaning 🇯🇵

Yukata vs Kimono: what's the difference?

What is the difference between the Japanese kimono vs Yukata. Even though those Japanese clothings look similar, there is a dress code to respect 🇯🇵

TOP 31 Kawaii from Japan

Learn more about he TOP 31 of Japanese Kawaii. Maneki Neko, Origami, Maid Café, Amigurumi, kawaii style, Hello Kitty, Kokeshi doll. Here is the TOP ranking 🇯🇵

Konmari storage: Marie Kondo method

The art of tidying and minimalism according to <strong>Marie Kondo</strong>, the Japanese organization and tidying expert and consultant who made a name for herself with her show on Netflix 🇯🇵

Kagura dance: meaning, origins and history of a traditional Japanese theater

Like Noh and Kabuki theater, Kagura dance is a Japanese theatrical art that dates back to the Edo era. Discover all its history!

Samurai mask meaning, origin and history

Japanese warriors are legendary soldiers. The samurai mask protects and destabilizes the morale of enemies. Want to know more here 🇯🇵

Japanese pop culture: origin, Japanese fashion and influence

You want to discover Japanese Pop Culture? You want to know more about the influence of Japanese Pop Culture on the rest of the world?

What is an Otaku?

Find out the deeper meaning of an Otaku? A lot of prejudices revolve around these Japanese geeks. Yet, this Japanese trend is widespread across the world 🇯🇵

Kimono : all about the traditional Japanese clothing

How and why to wear a Kimono, What is the origin of the word kimono? Who can wear this traditional Japanese garment, FULL GUIDE written by craftsmen in Kyoto

Maid Café: Japanese maids in Victorian dress

Have a look to the fantastic Japanese Maid Cafe world. The waitresses are disguised as maids and wear Victorian style dresses. Here is the list of rules to follow if you wish enter in?

TOP 10 : Japanese movies by Hayao Miyazaki (Studio Ghibli)

Hayao Miyazaki is a legend in his art form, the Japanese animated film. His contribution is monumental and has weighed tremendously in the rise of this Japanese art form around the world! Check out our 10 favorite films from this exceptional director. 🇯🇵

Tengu mask meaning and origin

Do you think that Japanese Masks have a special Meaning? Are you wondering what Symbol the Tengu Mask corresponds to? Here is the secret behind this Oni Mask!"

Yakuza tattoo Meanings: Japanese Irezumi art

Like many criminal groups, the Yakuza (Japanese mafia) have developed their own style of tattoos. Find out the meaning of the Irezumi Yakuza tattoo 🇯🇵

Tengu: Japanese demon oni

Who is the Tengu demon? Want to know the Origins of this long-nosed Japanese divinity! Here is his legend and mystical story! 🇯🇵

Yukata : the light and comfortable Japanese kimono

Between culture and modernity the yukata is at the heart of the Japanese culture. Discover with this article, the origins of the yukata, and find out how it invested the Japanese wardrobes century after century 🇯🇵

Fundoshi: all about the traditional Japanese underwear

Don't know what a Fundoshi is? Wondering how to wear it? Learn about the ancestor of the Japanese underwear 🇯🇵

Harajuku: what to do and see in Tokyo fashion land?

A giant work of art with its bright stores and colorful galleries, Harajuku is a district that is like a permanent Japanese fashion exhibition. It is THE mecca for fashion, kawaii and cosplay in Tokyo! 🇯🇵

Gakuran : the traditional Japanese uniform for boys

Discover the secrets of the traditional Japanese uniform called Gakuran. This Japanese men's uniform has been worn by middle and high school students in the land of the rising sun since the early 20th century 🇯🇵

Fudanshi Manga Style : all you need to know

Fudanshi and fujoshi are less known of manga styles. Discover Yaoi and the Boy's Love manga 🇯🇵

Japanese religion : Buddhism, Shintoism and others

We will see the different religions present in Japan, the share of it as well as the main characteristics of shintoism and especially of Buddhism 🇯🇵

Susanoo : Japanese storm god

Susanoo is the Ocean Japanese god. He is also a storm god. Discover his true legend and his link with Japanese manga culture (Naruto, Akame Ga Kill and Kamigami No Asobi) 🇯🇵

Jinbei clothing : Summer Kimono or Japanese pajamas ?

Jinbei can also be called jinbē or hippari. It is a kind of pajamas that is worn indoors or in hot weather. Find out all about this Japanese outfit 🇯🇵

Travel Japan : 127 famous must-see places

Here is our best spots selection in order to prepare your trip to Japan. You will discover 127 famous must-see places you must see. Japanese culture is amazing and beautiful 🇯🇵

Ryujin Dragon : the Japanese kami god

In this article, we will look at the powerful sea god Ryujin. He is a Japanese dragon who is one of the most important Japanese deities 🇯🇵

What is manga ? Japanese comics and more...

What is manga ? Discover with this guide the main types of Japanese manga! Manga for women, Manga young adult, or Otaku manga, here is the way to classify Japanese comics 🇯🇵

Japan Flag Meaning

More than just a red circle on a white background, the Japanese flag (also called Hinomaru) has a rich history. Have a look to its secrets 🇯🇵

How to tie an obi belt?

With this blog, you will learn everything you need to know about wearing an obi belt in the traditional way. The Japanese kimono belt will no longer have any secrets for you 🇯🇵

Tabi : the traditional Japanese socks

Japanese people wear tabi socks (socks with split ends) for many reasons? Why and how? 🇯🇵

Izanami : Japanese goddess of death

The story of the Japanese Goddess Izanami is fascinating, and stunning. She is the origin of the creation of Japan and all the divine myths 🇯🇵

Top 10 Japanese Gifts

Looking for a Japanese gift idea for a fan of the land of the rising sun? Here are the top 10 gifts and souvenirs to give for a birthday or holiday 🇯🇵

Hanami: the Japanese Spring Festival

Hanami has a special place in the Japanese culture. This masturi festival gathers every year many Japanese people all over the Japanese archipelago. Discover where this sakura custom comes from and how it has crossed the centuries? 🇯🇵

Bosozoku : Japanese motorbike Gang

Discover the bosozoku counterculture. A bosozoku is a famous Japanese biker. A lot of manga and movies have been inspired by this motorcycle clan. You will know shy in this blog article 🇯🇵

Buddhism in japan : the zen religion

Introduced on the Japanese archipelago during the 6th century, Buddhism is the main religion of Japan (in front of Shintoism). This religion which arouses the interest of foreign visitors, holds a special place in the Japanese culture as well as in the Japanese society 🇯🇵

Tanuki: a strange Japanese demon

Discover the legend of the Japanese raccoon dog. In Japanese culture and Shinto folklore, he is sometimes considered a yokai. And he has a huge secret power 🇯🇵

Japanese animals: mythology and symbolism

Discover the legends of the Japanese dragon, the Koi carp, the Tsuru crane, the Kirin unicorn or the deer god also sometimes called Daidarabotchi: the night walker 🇯🇵

Seppuku: Japanese suicide ritual

This act is called Harakiri or Seppuku. Find out the origin of this Japanese ritual suicide and its hidden meaning 🇯🇵