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Discover the secret organization of the Japanese mafia: the Yakuza clans. These gangsters from the land of the rising sun are known throughout the world for their Japanese style, their Irezumi tattoo and their code of honor 🇯🇵
You wish to know what is a ninja?? Did the real ninja have powers? Discover the origin of the shinobi myth and the nature of their legend
You will learn in this blog article the meaning of the traditional Japanese kitsune mask. The kitsune is a magical fox. Discover now the history hidden behind the Japanese fox mask...
If you wish to know what is Jpop? You will learn everything you need to know : Jpop origin, the hybrid Japanese music styles, who are the best Japanese idols? And their impact on popular culture?
Kimono is a traditional Japanese clothing. The word "kimono" (着物) literally means "a thing you wear on you". Kimono history came into being during the Heian period (794-1192).
We explain it this article what is the meaning of Japanese Koi fish, the origin, the Japanese legends, the colors and the Irezumi tattoo related the Japanese carp
What is a samuraï? You will learn in this blog article all the things you need to know about the samurai history, the bushido code, the samurai swords etc.
Traditional Japanese clothing has been worn for centuries. There are Haori, kimono, yukata, geta sandals, and Tabi socks. These icons of Japan are very different from Western clothing.

The Japanese dragon is a creature emblematic of Asian mythology. It is a force of nature cited in numerous legends from the land of the rising sun. As the yokai and kami, it is a celestial Japanese creature with great magical powers.

How to wear a Kimono? We underline in this article the five rules to respect and follow in order to wear a traditional Japanese kimono
What is Japanese Geisha? What exactly does a geisha girl do? How much does a geisha cost? Is a geisha is a concubine? You will learn everything in this article
What are the types of Japanese yokai? What powers do those Japanese demons have? And do you want to know if the Oni, Kitsune, Kappa are reals or are they just a fiction?
In this blog article we explain the signification of Japanese masks. You will discover the secrets and meaning of kistune mask, oni mask, japanese theater mask
The kitsune is an emblematic creature of Japanese folklore. It’s a magical animal particularly popular in Japan. This polymorphous Japanese fox has several tails. It's a yokai spirit from Japanese mythology whose origin dates back to the 9th century.