what is a kitsune: the Japanese fox god
Japanese gods

What is a Kitsune?

Kitsune god is an emblematic creature of Japanese folklore. It’s a magical animal particularly popular in Japan. This polymorphous Japanese fox has...

Halloween in Japan
Japanese culture

Halloween in Japan

How is Halloween in Japan? How do Japanese people dress up for the dead festival? What are the differences between Halloween in Japan and the rest ...

the tale of princess kaguya
Japanese gods

The Tale of Princess Kaguya

Discover the Japanese tale of Kaguya-Hime, a Japanese baby found in a bamboo stem. This Japanese myth inspires many mangaka and animated movies inc...

Japanese Accessorie you must have
Japanese culture

TOP 7 Japanese accessories

Do you want to give or to offer yourself a typical Japanese object? Here is a selection of Japanese accessories to give you good gift ideas! 🇯🇵

Japanese zen gardens with wabi sabi design
Japanese decor

Japanese Zen garden

From their creation to their miniaturization, discover the history of Japanese Zen gardens. This Japanese art, very codified, is the heritage of an...

Kawaii Japan
Japanese culture

TOP 31 Kawaii from Japan

Learn more about he TOP 31 of Japanese Kawaii. Maneki Neko, Origami, Maid Café, Amigurumi, kawaii style, Hello Kitty, Kokeshi doll. Here is the TOP...

otaku is a Japanese geek
Japanese culture

What is an Otaku?

Find out the deeper meaning of an Otaku? A lot of prejudices revolve around these Japanese geeks. Yet, this Japanese trend is widespread across the...

tengu: japanse demon
Japanese gods

Tengu: Japanese demon oni

Who is the Tengu demon? Want to know the Origins of this long-nosed Japanese divinity! Here is his legend and mystical story! 🇯🇵

Susanoo : Japanese storm god
Japanese gods

Susanoo : Japanese storm god

Susanoo is the Ocean Japanese god. He is also a storm god. Discover his true legend and his link with Japanese manga culture (Naruto, Akame Ga Kill...

Japanese culture

Japan Flag Meaning

More than just a red circle on a white background, the Japanese flag (also called Hinomaru) has a rich history. Have a look to its secrets 🇯🇵

how to tie an obi bel?
Japanese clothing

How to tie an obi belt?

With this blog, you will learn everything you need to know about wearing an obi belt in the traditional way. The Japanese kimono belt will no longe...

Japanese culture

Yakuza : Japanese Mafia

Discover the secret organization of the Japanese mafia: the Yakuza clans. These gangsters from the land of the rising sun are known throughout the ...

Japanese culture

What is a ninja?

You wish to know what is a ninja?? Did the real ninja have powers? Discover the origin of the shinobi myth and the nature of their legend