3 people wear kimono and white kitsune mask in front of a japanese gift shop with wood doors

Who we are

Three people passionate about Japanese values

Welcome to our world, where a passion for Japan and its ancestral teachings has given birth to a unique online shop, the fruit of the association of two brothers (Enzo and Ken) and their childhood friend with Japanese origin (Jade). Launched at the end of 2018, our business is the result of a fascinating journey across Asia, in search of the hidden treasures of Japanese craftsmanship. Our collection includes traditional clothing, kimono accessories, Japanese home decor items, kitchen utensils and complete Matcha tea preparation sets. This quest for authentic products is guided by three key concepts of Japanese philosophy: Ikigai, Kaizen and Wabi-Sabi.

ikigai brand for our japanese store with kanji letter


The Passion that Drives Us

Our Ikigai, our raison d'être, is to share our love of Japan through a selection of products that convey the essence of its culture. This quest for balance between passion, mission, vocation and profession is evident in every item we offer. We believe that everyone can find their Ikigai through the objects that surround them, whether it's a piece of clothing that speaks to the soul or a kitchen utensil that transforms everyday life into a meditative experience.

Our japanese store is a kaizen clothing brand with kanji japanese letter


Continuous Improvement

Inspired by the Kaizen principle, we are committed to continuous improvement of our Japanese online shop, our product range and our services. This philosophy of progressive and constant change drives us to strive for excellence, to listen carefully to our customers' feedback and to refine our selection to better meet your expectations. Each product is chosen with care, guaranteeing quality and authenticity that are constantly renewed.

our japanese store is a wabi sabi clothing brand with Japanese kanji letters


Beauty in Imperfection

Wabi-Sabi is about accepting imperfection and the ephemeral, a value deeply rooted in our approach to product selection. We cherish items that tell a story, that bear the marks of time and craftsmanship. This approach is reflected in our range of Japanese decorations and kimono accessories, where each piece is unique, inviting us to reflect on the transient beauty of life.

A family of craftsmen

To make our handcrafted masks. We have chosen to highlight Japanese know-how. We work with talented craftsmen who work with wood, resin and stone throughout Asia. These artists are paid a fair price, because we consider their work to be a genuine Japanese work of art...