KimuraKami aims to become the first Japanese Shop online through our: yukata, kimono, geta, Japanese mask etc...

KimuraKami is the fantasy story of two manga fans who couldn't fulfill their dream of going to Japan every month. So we decided to bring some of that authentic culture through articles inspired by Japanese culture and folklore.

If you would like us to look into a range not present in our Japanese store, please send us an email directly to: contact@kimurakami.com

For your pleasure, we have visited the whole of Asia many times in order to fulfill the mission we have given ourselves: to find original, trendy items that are representative of the Japanese spirit.

Our products are all meticulously chosen to project you into this universe that is so singular and special at the same time. Our Japanese inspired products are sourced from Japan, Thailand, South Korea, Eastern Europe, China

We have tested hundreds of products in order to select and present you the fruits of our research...
This is how in 2019 was born in France, KimuraKami, a project thought and created for the Japan Maniacs, Cosplayers, Mangakas and Japanese Streetwear followers.



We are confident that the products ordered will meet your expectations... 
In fact, your right of retraction is 14 days, if for X reasons you choose to return your item, just contact us and send it in its original packaging to our address. We will proceed with your refund.

The security of your data is paramount. We use SSL technologywhich encrypts your data and prevents it from being recovered remotely. We use STRIPE and PAYPAL.

Our employees do not have access to your payment data. Finally, protecting your personal data and respecting your privacy are very important to us. KimuraKami scrupulously respects the requirements of the CNIL and the RGPD and guarantees that your personal data will be processed in full compliance with European and French rules.

Finally, we are very attentive to your experience and constantly seek to grow your satisfaction. So please feel free to write to us and let us know your comments and suggestions at contact@kimurakami.com

See you soon

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