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The Japanese mask has strong symbolism in Japanese culture. Thanks to the Kimura team, you will be able to hide your identity thanks to several types of Japanese masks:

Japanese mask

The origin of Japanese masks dates back to the Edo period when the shogunate reigned as the undisputed master over the Japanese archipelago! 

Historically the first mask to be used was a noh mask. It is a mask of Japanese theater. It is worn by one of the main actors of this dramatic style. It can represent, an Oni demon, a ghost, a kami, a Japanese fox etc...

Samurai Mask

If you wish wear a Japanese samurai warrior mask, you have to know that Japanese warriors wanted to terrify their enemies on the battlefield. This half mask called Mempo completed the samurai warrior's armor. The yokai mask represented a Japanese demon with sharp teeth that was particularly appreciated to stimulate a vision of horror in the enemy!