Japanese Hoodie

Japanese hoodie for men and women. Sizes are mixed but some styles will be more suitable for women or for men! To complete your Japanese streetwear style you can add to your outfit, Japanese Japanese shirts, haori kimono jacket, and a traditional Japanese mask.

Japanese fashion revolution began in the 1980s with designers like Issey Miyake, Kohji Kamamoto and Comme de Garcons. And it has completely spread around the world thanks to ultra trendy brands like Uniqlo, Kenzo and Muji.

European designers such as John Galliano, Jean Paul Gautier, Elie Saab and Karl Lagerfeld have long been fans of Japanese fashion and regularly travel there for inspiration to get creative in Tokyo and the Harajuku district.

"Japanese culture definitely influences American fashion," said Jason Campbell, founder and editor-in-chief of JC Report, a global fashion trend tracking website. And it's influencing fashion around the world, too, so take a look at our collection of Japanese clothing trends!

Women's Japanese sweater

For a sweat harajuku style the rule is that there are no rules. You can very well wear a kimono jacket over your Japanese hoodie. A pink sweatshirt with cute Japanese designs will immerse you in the Nipponese world.

We recommend:

  • The unicorn japanese sweater
  • The kawaii sweater
  • The harajuku sweater

Japanese sweater mane

We recommend wearing your men's Japanese sweater with a colorful reminder with a pair of sneakers! It's a guarantee of an original and unique Japanese outfit. 
Take a look at this selection of Japanese swit shirt:

  • Streetwear sweatshirt
  • Kanji hoodie

Japanese size

For a casual style, choose a nice wide Japanese hoodie. We suggest you go one to two sizes up. If you are in doubt check out our size guide, it should help you in your choice

Harajuku: Japanese fashion

Harajuku is a neighborhood in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan. Harajuku has become world famous as a center of streetwear fashion. This one square kilometer area is filled with Japanese stores and shopping malls. Every day, tens of thousands of people come here to shop, hang out and see what the latest trends are.

How to wear a Japanese Harajuku style sweatshirt?

The first rule is to mix different fashions and styles! What is now called Harajuku started when teenagers in Tokyo's neighborhoods were incorporating traditional Japanese clothing (kimonos and geta sandals) into their wardrobes...

It was by mixing the traditional with the modern that they created a new style. An easy example to understand is the music group "Harajuku Girls" who mix punk or gothic with Japanese schoolgirl uniform or designer clothes.

How to choose your Japanese sweater?

To choose the perfect sweatshirt you have to make the choice of style, material and fit!

The Japanese style sweatshirt

We offer in our collection of Japanese hoodie, a wide selection of clothing, colors set symbol inspired by the land of the rising sun. In particular, we offer:

  • A Kitsune sweater
  • A tengu sweater
  • A carp Japanese sweater
  • A Japanese dragon sweater

Some of our sweatshirts also feature samurai, ninja or geisha!

Fabric material

Depending on the Japanese style pull of your choice, the material used will be organic cotton or two-ply cotton mixed with polyester.

All our hoodies for men or women are comfortable and pleasant to wear. We use a heavy weight for a foolproof quality. This ensures a perfect duration in time.

The Nippon sweatshirt fit

We offer several styles and shapes. We recommend you go for an oversized cut if you want to sport a Japanese streetwear or skate style! This will allow you to have some freedom of movement with a relaxed fit Our many choices of printed sweatshirts will perfectly complement your wardrobe if you're looking for a cute sweater with Japanese patterns.

Most of our Japanese sweaters are long-sleeved, but we do have a few short-sleeved ones! All of our sweatshirts and vests feature 3d digital printing. We also have a line of embroidered sweatshirts!" Any occasion is a good one to wear a printed hoodie that's stylish so we hope you'll find something you like in our wide selection of sweatshirts...