Japanese Kimono Robe Dress
Japanese Kimono Robe Dress
Japanese Kimono Robe Dress
Japanese Kimono Robe Dress
Japanese Kimono Robe Dress
Japanese Kimono Robe Dress

Japanese Kimono Robe Dress

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This Kimono Maiko is in a pure geisha style and is Edo era appropriate!

In the land of the rising sun, the maiko are apprentice geishas who learn arts such as music, dance and the rules of good etiquette. Geisha are artists who have fascinated the world of arts because of their beauty and iconic style.

They can still be seen on the streets of Tokyo, but they are much rarer than during the golden age of the Edo period.

The Japanese floral patterns of this traditional dress are a symbol of freshness and the approach of Spring! For a geisha look, this kimono is worn with a Japanese Obi belt. We made a small tutorial to help you perfect your outfit. After all, you too can have the chance to become a geisha!

how to become a geisha

    How do I become a geisha?

    • 💯 For an authentic geisha look, first of all you have to respect a certain number of dress rules. The traditional Japanese kimono for women is worn with a pair of white tabi socks
    • 💯 For women measuring between 1m 55 and 1m 65, we recommend choosing size S! For those measuring more than 1m 65, size M will be the most adapted! You can also refer to our size guide to help you in your choice
    • 💯 Don't hesitate to complete your wardrobe with this sober and vintage japanese kimono dress vintage. It is necessary to be able to vary the Japanese outfits according to the events
    • 💯 Always close your Japanese kimono by putting the left side on the right side. It's an ancient tradition that you must respect
    • 💯 For an authentic look we suggest you get a matching color theme between the strap (hanao) of your zori (or geta) wooden sandal and your Japanese obi belt. For more choices, have a look to the Japanese kimono dress collection

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