Japanese Style Kimono
Japanese Style Kimono
Japanese Style Kimono
Japanese Style Kimono

Japanese Style Kimono

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This beige kimono for elegant and prideful women will delight the admirers of the Japanese archipelago

With its floral patterns, this traditional Japanese garment honors the susuki flower. It is traditionally used to participate in the moon festival and celebrate the stars. Known for its elegance and simplicity, this authentic kimono will delight all women sensitive to the beauty of Japan.

You can also see tsurus on this beautiful Japanese piece of clothing. Also called Japanese cranes, these birds native to the land of the rising sun symbolize longevity (1000 years in the land of immortals) and good fortune. A godsend! They are birds of good omen that are very often represented on Japanese clothing.

In the past, the Japanese kimono was worn by geishas during tea ceremonies. This art, inspired by Zen and Buddhist traditions, consists of serving tea according to codes, to a small committee, in a calm atmosphere. This is why it is nicknamed "ceremony".

Today it is more widely worn and can be found, for example, at graduation ceremonies or when young teenage girls are moving into adulthood, at around 20 years of age. The kimono is also, of course, worn at weddings and finally, can be seen at funerals.

This valuable traditional and authentic clothing is passed down through the family, from generation to generation. This is why its symbolic value surpasses its monetary value. A true inheritance!

To wear it in the traditional way, a number of rules must be taken into account. First of all, before putting on your kimono, you must put on white split toe socks (tabi) and kimono underwear (susuyoke and nagajuban).

Next, the kimono must be put on by letting the collar of the white nagajuban appear. To close it, always fold the left side onto the right side and tie it with a koshi imo belt and a wider obi belt. To perfect this outfit, we advise you to wear sandals made of geta wood, these are both aesthetic and comfortable!

You can wear this kimono when you have friends over for tea or dinner. This Japanese geisha outfit will make you the ideal host and your entourage will be in admiration! In addition to being elegant, you will be perfectly at ease in your Japanese outfit and you will surely make people envious when you tell them the story of the kimono!

Japanese Style Kimono

Here are our best fashion tips for a guaranteed geisha look with this authentic Japanese kimono :

  • 💯 To choose the right kimono, we advise you to refer to our sizing guide. To give you an idea: we recommend you take size S if you are between 1m55 and 1m65; and choose size M if you are between 1m65 and 1m70. Opt for size L if you are taller!
  • 💯 If you also find that the bird patterns give life to the typical clothes of the archipelago, look at this geisha kimono robe traditional with more floral pattern
  • 💯 To complete your kimono dress outfit, wear an obi belt that combines the useful with the pleasant with its double function, aesthetic and practical. Finally, we invite you to try our tabi socks and our sandals geta, ultra-comfortable

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