Traditional Geisha Kimono Robe
Traditional Geisha Kimono Robe

Traditional Geisha Kimono Robe

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Wear this kimono made for the modern woman, worthy of the most beautiful geishas of the Edo period!

Historically, geishas are Japanese artists. True icons of Japanese culture, they are often confused with courtesans. They learn the art of music at a very early age. They are also trained in presentation and must respect a strict dress code. In the past, being a geisha was the only way to get a decent education.

Coming back to the kimono, it's a traditional Japanese-inspired garment . The floral patterns printed on the fabric are repeated very often. Flowers are very present in Japanese culture. There is even a unique festival to admire them: the hanami. It takes place at the arrival of spring, when the flowers begin to open.

One to not is the iris flower (shoubu) which inspired some the greatest artists of the world like the Japanese painter Hokusai or the notorious Van Gogh!

Here is some fashion advice so you can wear your kimono like a real Japanese person:

Traditional Geisha Kimono Robe

  • If you have any doubt about the size, you can refer to the size guide
  • For a Japanese kimono design, simple and classic, you can also have a look to this traditional kimono collection. You absoluty need it in your wardrobe if you like geisha style
  • For a real Japanese geisha look, you can wear with your Japanese kimono dress:  wooden geta sandals, a pair of tabi socks and an obi belt

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