Ninja Sandal

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Adopts this pair of sandal for a ninja costume

This pair of wooden sandals will allow you to complete your gear in Ninjutsu mode. It is ideal for having light and fluid movements. You can also use them to complete your samurai cosplay costume...

Pair this geta pair with a Tatsuke Bakama or a hakama and a Uwagi (jacket). They are also perfect for a more modern look, combining it with Western clothing.

  • Combination size : 33 to 44 Ninja Sandals for Women and Men
  • Height: about 3 cm
  • The “dai” : shoes carved from raw wood, light and solid
  • The “hanao” : the strap is wide and made of cotton
  • The non-slip coating : rubber material added under the sole

Here are some tips to follow to wear these geta properly...


💯 To avoid being mistaken in choosing your geta sandals , we advise you to order one size above yours. The models we offer are in Japanese sizes

💯 It is best to wear these sandals with tabi socks for a traditional look. Don't hesitate to put them on barefoot if you wear a yukata (light summer kimono)...

💯 Check out our collection of Japanese geta . It consists of several models of Japanese shoes...

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