Geta Japanese Geisha Sandal

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Adopts a traditional geisha apprentice look by wearing these Okobo geta

Also known as Okobo geta , these Japanese sandals will elegantly complement your maiko costume. They were inspired by the traditional outfits of these famous geisha apprentices. Its platforms are high enough to have a good posture. They are also perfect for preserving the kimono was.

These geta shoes were made with a white painted wooden base and a thick strap with pretty Japanese flower patterns. They are perfect for making a maiko costume (apprentice geisha).

Here are some tips to have a perfect geisha look...

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💯 Choose matching colors and patterns for your wooden sandals and straps to create a style effect to your outfit.

💯 In Japan, traditional shoes seem to be smaller. According to tradition, your heel should exceed at least 1 cm from the soles. This makes sure that the feet are perfectly in height.

💯 Adjust the sandals to the size of your feet with the hanao (straps) to allow you to wear them comfortably.

💯 We have created a selection of Japanese Geta sandals in different sizes, colors and Japanese symbols to help you create a unique maiko costume ...

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