The Sukajan jacket is an iconic Japanese garment for all streetwear enthusiasts but also for bikers and motorcyclists. This Japanese Sukajan bomber is inspired by the aviator look.

The style of this trendy Japanese clothing is now inspired by Japanese folklore such as Oni demons, Kami gods, or fantasy animals like Ryu dragons and Kitsune foxes.

The quality of the embroidery on some of these pieces is reminiscent of the traditional tattoo artists' knowledge of Irezumi art!

So, you too show your passion for the land of the rising sun with a Yakuza clan jacket or Japanese biker bosozoku jacket!



To wear it in a streetwear style, we advise you to wear it over a hoodie. In order to perfectly finalize your Nipponese outfit we recommend you to make a colorful reminder with a style of Japanese socks. 

This is the little touch that will transport you to another dimension in terms of style and authenticity. You won't have anything to envy to the fashionistas of the Harajuku district in Tokyo...

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