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The Geta Boku are Japanese Taps that offer an authentic look

Having these wooden sandals in your wardrobe is part of the tradition in Japan. They were worn at the Shogunate time by the famous geisha and samurai. They offer a touch of elegance to a modern or traditional Japanese outfit .

They have two teeth for the sole to be raised. The inhabitants of the land of the Rising Sun love to wear them. They provide a good natural posture and balance. They are also comfortable to wear.

Here is a mini-guide to follow to adopt a totally Japanese look...

how-wear-a-sandal-japanese tuto

💯 Use the strap to adjust the sandals so you can wear them properly.

💯 Always match the colour of the Japanese kimono tone belt with the strap of your Japanese Geta slides

💯 This pair of Japanese shoes is worn with an elegant kimono, an Obi belt and a patterned fan. It is also the perfect accessory for a cosplay outfit.

💯 Always choose a pair of Geta sandals of one or two sizes above your usual size to respect tradition.

💯 Don't hesitate to check out our collection of Japanese Geta to have a choice of colors and design to complete your wardrobe.

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