Daruma Money Box Yellow
Daruma Money Box Yellow

Daruma Money Box Yellow

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In Asian folklore, the Daruma is the Japanese doll that makes wishes come true

The yellow daruma statuette promotes success, wealth and prosperity! The story of Daruma comes from the founding father of Buddhism : Bodhirama. Daruma is therefore a very popular decorative object in Japan. Place it on home shelves, in restaurants or bars!

Daruma is associated with an ancient tradition that we are going to reveal to you! Daruma will help you realize a wish or at least an objective but for that you have to follow the different steps of the custom without making a mistake!

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How do you make a wish with a Daruma doll?

Japanese custom 👹

  1. You have to set yourself a goal, a dream, or something that you want to achieve in the future.
  2. Paint the left eye with a pen or marker
  3. Place the Daruma Doll prominently in your home. As soon as you meet his eyes, you will remember your goal to reach
  4. Finally, you can paint the second eye when your dream is crowned with success

Daruma colors all have meaning, for elegance and peace on any occasion, opt for a white Daruma . For good health, you will have to choose a Daruma of red color!


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