Hanuman Ring
Hanuman Ring
Hanuman Ring
Hanuman Ring
Hanuman Ring
Hanuman Ring

Hanuman Ring

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Control the wind, raise mountains and challenge demons with your Hanuman ring that symbolizes strength

This 925 silver signet ring symbolizes Hanuman, the son of the god of the wind. Legend tells that this monkey deity has the strength to lift mountains, defeat demons and compete with speed with Garuda, the king of birds. It is a symbol of protection revered in Japan.

This Japanese ring is made mostly of pure silver and copper for a hard-wearing jewel! Certified and punched, guarantee of quality for life, you can wear it in any circumstances.

  • Ring Diameter : Adjustable
  • Composition : 925 silver
  • Weight : 12 g

Find all our tips to maintain and wear your Hanuman ring :


⛩️ Our first advice is not to wear your Japanese ring if you are washing dishes or cleaning: sterling silver does not match very well with chemicals; however, it is not afraid of water

⛩️ If it darkens and oxidizes, you can immerse your Japanese jewellery in a bowl of warm soapy water, rinse and dry with a soft cloth to revive its shine

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⛩️ What finger to wear your god-monkey ring ? The thumb represents positivity, the index finger is the finger of the secret, the middle finger symbolizes rebellion, the ring finger is a sign of compassion, and the auricular refers to intuition

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