Japanese paper lantern

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Rely on this Japanese paper lantern for a zen and relaxed atmosphere

The Japanese lamp is a fixture that is widely used in the land of the rising sun. It first appeared in China and then was imported to Japan. The difference between the two lamp models is whether it can be folded or not.

The structure of the Japanese lantern is made of metal circles arranged horizontally. In China, the frame is vertical. Thanks to this spiral arrangement, the Japanese lamp can be folded like an accordion. This makes it a very practical object to put a candle in or to optimize storage space.

The design of this paper lamp features black, red and white handwriting signs that are reminiscent of the flag. You can also see the typical food that colors the dishes of the locals.

Find our tips to make this paper lantern a pretty home decoration:


💯 The culinary design on this Japanese light fixture makes it a perfect decoration for the kitchen. You can hang it from a structure on the ceiling. It will dress up the light bulb. And you can also just as easily use it as a lampshade.

💯 If you are organizing an event in your garden or on your terrace, we recommend decorating the space with this Japanese lantern . It will emit a soft light and will be perfect for recreating a zen garden.

💯 Stay in the theme of the meal with this tasting lamp that represents delicious Japanese soup. It will be perfect in the kitchen or near the buffet.

💯 Discover all of our candle or bulb lanterns in our Japanese lantern collection. Fan of the Land of the Rising Sun? You will inevitably find your happiness there.

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