Traditional Japanese Kimono Dress
Traditional Japanese Kimono Dress
Traditional Japanese Kimono Dress

Traditional Japanese Kimono Dress

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This traditional kimono for women will delight all the passionate women of the country of the rising sun

Koi are freshwater fish. They attract blessing and represent stoicism and courage. These qualities are often associated with men, although women have them too!

Whether it is for a dinner with friends or a fancy dress party, this iconic Japanese outfit will achieve the admiration of all. To plunge into the Japanese universe, we advise you to style your hair the way geishas do: with a raised bun decorated with a kanzashi comb.

The kimono goes back to the Edo period. It was worn by geishas between 1600 and 1800 during tea ceremonies, a tradition inspired by Zen Buddhism.

Over the years, the usage of the Japanese kimono has expanded to include graduations, weddings, and the transition to adulthood of Japanese teenage girls. It can also be found at funerals. In this case, the kimono will close in the opposite direction: right side over the left.

Today, the materials used in the past (silk, satin, gold thread) have been replaced with cotton, polyester and elastane: materials that are just as pleasant to wear!

Here are our fashion tips so that you use with your traditional kimono for women and immerse yourself in the Japanese universe:

Traditional Japanese Kimono Dress

  • 💯 If you measure 1m55 to 1m65, we advise you to choose size S. Size M will suit you better if you measure 1m65 and more. Consult the size guide if you have any doubts
  • 💯 For a soft and pastel geisha outfit, take a look at our traditional Japanese-princess kimono. This combines softness with the beauty of the Japanese world.
  • 💯 Add an obi belt with your kimono Japanese dress (it can be matching with the kimono or not) which is the essential fashion accessory to wear with your kimono. On the feet, choose a pair of white split-toe socks (tabi) and typical wooden sandals (geta)

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