Hyottoko Mask

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The Hyottoko mask depicts a mythical character from the land of the rising sun

In Japanese culture, Hyottoko symbolizes a very lucky person with an incredibly burlesque and comic face. Some legends say that Hyottoko would have been a child able to create gold thanks to his navel!

He is a Japanese deity much appreciated both for his appearance and these fantastic powers... One can see this mask worn in some manga and animated films!

Here are some tips to wear this traditional mask with the effigy of this Japanese kami

The Japanese hyottoko mask is worn in some Matsuri festivals. Manga also uses this traditional Japanese mask. This is especially the case in the animated demon slayer!

To wear this accessory in accordance with the Japanese tradition, you can wear it with the Japanese clothing happi. 

  • Material of Japanese mask: resin
  • Style: Japanese folklore
  • Size: 11.8in x 7.9in (30cm x 20cm)

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