No mask representing a demon bird. Its the old form of Japanese Tengu mask. Handmade mask with wood by Japanese craftmen

No Mask Tengu

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This No Mask is worn during some Japanese theatre performances

Historically, the Japanese theatre was played as a ceremonial drama for the Samurai Warriors class. This traditional Japanese mask represents a Tengu Bird. Its a legendary creature from Japanese folklore. This is the primary Tengu form. Nowadays Tengu masks are red with long nose

Wear this old tengu mask if you want to immerse yourself in the Japanese universe of myths and legends of the land of the rising sun.

  • Handcrafted carved from wood, this no mask is inspired by Japanese folklore
  • Dimension of about 6.3 in (16cm) wide and 10.2in (26cm) high, adjustable thanks to a string
  • Material made of recycled oak wood
  • Japanese No mask for cosplay fans as well as otaku (manga fan) or Halloween enthusiasts


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