Authentic Kitsune Mask

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  • Design with traditional Japanese symbols
  • Hand-painted mask by our craftsman
  • Choosing a quality and durable acrylic paint
  • 9 x 5.9" (23 x 15cm) adult size
  • Smooth Pvc mask and elastane cord so that the Japanese mask can be worn by everyone
  • Wear this Authentic Kitsune Mask to conceal your identity as a Kitsune demon or ninja would 

    The kitsune mask is very popular within the Japanese culture. If you watch manga you may have already seen this accessory worn by shinobi or even by the hero of your favorite anime... But...

    Do you know what the Kitsune mask means?

    In Shinto folklore (Japan's second religion), the fox god or demon is the earthly spokesperson for the goddess of the harvest: Inari. This legendary white Japanese fox is a fantastic creature with great powers. He is said to be a kami (god) or yokai (evil god or at least anything close to strange phenomena) because the fox Kitsune likes to play with humans.

    Inhabitants of the Land of the Rising Sun wear this type of mask during certain matsuri festivals to pay homage to the gods. Japanese festivals are held every year...

    If you want to sport a traditional Japanese mask for a Halloween costume party or a Japanese cosplay costume, here are some tips...


    💯 For a traditional Japanese look, you should wear your Japanese fox mask like the Japanese do during summer Matsuri. In this case, opt for a lightweight kimono which is called a Yukata. Close it with an Obi belt. Know that the Yukata is an outfit with a T-shaped cut. This traditional garment is nice to wear during the summer months...

    💯 We also recommend you to wear Japanese wooden sandals. For women, it's more recommended to wear a pair of geta with a flat sole. For men, in order to push the samurai look to the maximum, you should take Japanese sandals with "teeth". No need to put on tabi socks with wearing Yukata kimono...

    💯 For the colors we advise you to wear sober Japanese clothes with red details for the color recall with the Japanese mask patterns

    💯 For a Japanese streetwear look, the white kitsune mask is ideal worn with oversized Japanese style clothes!

    💯 This shinobi mask has an elastane thread so that it can be adjusted...

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